Marketing RenewSys India, Octillion, Terra Pave and other fine manufacturers


RenewSys is India’s first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components – Encapsulants, Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells.

  • Encapsulants EVA and POE (1.8 GW annual yield)
  • Backsheets and bus bar insulation (3 GW annual yield)
  • Solar multi cells (130 MW annual yield)
  • 40Wp to 410Wp Poly and Mono solar panels (750 MW annual yield).  MORE INFO


Octillion Power Systems is a US-based Tier 1 supplier of electric vehicle battery systems focused on designing and building lithium-ion battery systems for electric cars, trucks and buses. 

Octillion is now entering the solar market place with storage products that can offer support at the C&I and grid operational levels. MORE INFO

Terra Pave

The University of Texas in Austin, Texas holds the patent for Terra Pave. Beckett Solar Energy is the sales and marketing team for Terra Pave in the solar industry.

  • Terra Pave solves the bifacial albedo problem by helping you fully realize the bifacial gain of your bifacial panels 
  • Terra Pave helps you accurately model bifacial electricity output because you can depend upon its presence for 25+ years 
  • Terra Pave helps a bifacial solar power generating plant prohibit vegetation without hurting the environment.  MORE INFO

Beckett Solar Energy customer support is active in Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and Latin America.


“RenewSys is India’s premium manufacturer of panels”:  ~Philipp Johannes Rostan with a PhD in electrical engineering from the University Stuttgart.  Rostan has focused his career on solar cell and module product reliability, is responsible for several patents that have influenced the solar industry and is recognized as developer of the award-winning REC Twin Peak product. He built Jupiter factory, ramped up Adani factory and worked as CTO there.  Hannes, RenewSys’ new in-house technical consultant, states, “RenewSys is very advanced compared to all other manufacturers in India.”

  • RenewSys panels are built to last 25+ years.  Having the finest European module manufacturing equipment is only the first step.
  • RenewSys has invested in a state-of-the-art cooling chamber and precise cooling practices that many manufacturers forego to cut corners.  The cooling contributes to a much longer-life for their panels.         
  • RenewSys’ value is embodied in their integrity – and RenewSys has a team with more than 20 years’ experience in polymers—the back-bone of a great-lasting panel.
  • RenewSys’ modules contain components manufactured in their own facility. Therefore, the company has the most critical parts of the value chain, namely EVA and Backsheet, under control. Therefore with VERTICAL INTEGRATION, quality is monitored up and down the supply chain for RenewSys panels.  

RenewSys panel manufacturing capacity is 750 MW, soon to be 1.4 GW next year.  Please visit their website and see RenewSys’ modules ranging from 40Wp to 390Wp + bifacial options (663WP with 70% albedo). Panels may be IEC and UL certified. 

  • RenewSys has obtained insurance with Munich- Re 
  • RenewSys just received their DNV-GL report. DNV-GL is an independent, international highly respected financial and operational auditing firm. This summer, DNV-GL flew to India and conducted the in-depth audit, testing and created the Bankability Report. If you may require the in-depth DNV-GL technical report I can share it with you.
  • We are very excited to start the discussion with you about the type of panels you are seeking. Please use this link for all RenewSys’ Technical Data Sheets – renewsysworld.com/solar-modules-deserv


  • RenewSys is the first and only Indian module and component manufacturer to have a dedicated ‘Product Excellence Centre’ with seven Environmental Chambers simulating what modules will face in 25 years. Also the laboratory is capable of testing RenewSys products for THREE times IEC standards
  • RenewSys has the first and only reliability laboratory and testing facility in India which is accredited as a customer testing facility by Intertek Testing Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd (We can do all testing as per IEC and UL in-house).
  • You may find RenewSys product portfolio on their website: renewsysworld.com/solar-module-components
  • RenewSys Encapsulants can reduce the lamination time by 30 to 60 seconds. Also, it may be of interest that all our products perform even after 3000hours DHT. The IEC standard for this test is 1000hrs DHT. The quality of RenewSys product is backed up by R&D team and their leader who also sits on the IEC committee and has been in the polymer industry for almost two decades.

For those seeking Tier 1 manufacturers, RenewSys has Munich Re insurance and is close to becoming Tier 1. Read on: There are six elements of Tier I. RenewSys can “check the boxes” of five of the six:

  1. Vertically integrated – RenewSys has been Vertically Integrated for three years and was the first manufacturer in all of India to be so.
  2. Invests heavily in R&D – RenewSys has two of the most respected R&D laboratories in India – for the past 7 years and has been externally certified by the independent auditors, DNV-GL.
  3. Advanced robotic processes – RenewSys’ manufacturing of panels is completely robotic, but has the added bonus of human inspections
  4. Has manufactured solar panels for more than 5 years – RenewSys acquired a SunPower mfg plant in Hyderabad four years ago that had been manufacturing solar panels for five years prior—for a total of 9 years of continuous mfg of solar panels.
  5. Has developed and markets its own brand – RenewSys has done this for 5+ years
  6. Panels are installed in 1MW or larger projects, which have been financed non-recourse by six different non-development banks in the past two years. RenewSys currently has 1 such completed project as of August 2019.


– an eco-friendly permanent soil binder

Terra Pave transforms the ground into a concrete pavement-like layer

Terra Pave’s TSW provides a permanent white color.

Terra Pave can greatly increase efficiency of bifacial solar farms by creating a surface that is consistently and highly reflective, therefore: high albedo – enabling you to realize the potential gain of your bifacial panels.

Terra Pave enables easy financial modeling, accurate engineering design and accurate prediction for bifacial panels.

Terra Pave enables the creation of cheap eco-friendly roads.

Terra Pave Products are invented at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA and manufactured at the University of Texas Technology Commercialized Company Terra Pave International. Terra Pave is the WINNER of the AMERICAN-MADE SOLAR PRIZE ROUND 2 FINALIST from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy USA). Beckett Solar Energy is an official and enthusiastic marketer of Terra Pave products.

Now, you can solve the albedo problem and increase profitability.

The efficiency of bifacial solar panels is highly dependent on the albedo of the ground; natural ground has low albedo.

  •  Because natural ground has low albedo, it is hard for developers to create accurate revenue models.
  •  Asphalt roads are not eco-friendly and their construction comes with the generation of toxic fumes and high costs.

Introducing Octillion Battery Storage – the customized solution, but mass produced.

California-based Octillion Power Systems is a Tier 1 supplier of electric vehicle battery systems focused on designing and building lithium-ion battery systems for electric cars, trucks and buses that is now leveraging its impressive track-record in battery storage to move into the Solar Market.

Octillion products undergo a robust design process, including extensive thermal modeling, fully integrated battery management systems and standardized production processes that offers a customized-package solution.

Octillion has:

  • 11 years in business (born in the Silicon Valley)
  • A solid base–$200 million annual revenue
  • Ironically, this California company is running the 2nd largest automotive battery making facility in all of China 
  • Over 300 engineers on-staff in India, USA, South America and Europe

For more information about Octillion please click here.

2018: 315,576 projects -- new solar project installed in U.S. every 100 seconds (over 11,000 MW)