Terra Pave has “cool pavement” Benefits for Access Roads, Walking Paths and Parking Lots

“Approximately 2.4 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by urban areas. If all of the black surfaces in these areas were turned white, it’s calculated that it would result in 0.03 percent more of the sun’s energy being reflected, rather than being absorbed. This number may appear negligible, but this seemingly small change results in enough UHI reduction to account for 44 billion tons of CO2.”

“It is difficult to imagine how much of an impact such a huge amount of CO2 offset would bring, but there is a more relatable way to conceptualize these calculations: if the albedos of all urban surfaces are raised to offset 44 billion tons of CO2, the impact would be equivalent to removing all cars from the entire globe for 11 years.”

~2013 Dr. Yetkin Yildirim, CTO of Terra Pave International and Professor at The University of Texas at Austin College of Engineering Texas Pavement Preservation Center

www.epa.gov/reducing urban heat islands: cool pavements.pdf

Compacted soil without Terra Pave coating​

Compacted soil with FIRST Terra Pave coating

New to the Solar Industry, Terra Pave is already in use in the Transportation Industry

Top-Seal Black and Top-Seal White has created numerous miles of roads in Texas as well as parking lots. Terra Pave is promoted and sold in more than 30 countries on 4 continents.

First Application

One Month Later

Finalized Application

Two Years Later

Top Seal White is a water-based polymer soil additive that powerfully binds EXISTING soil particles into a hardened and moisture resistant mass or Eco-Friendly Waterproof Concrete Replacement. TSW will (1) stabilize and waterproof road bases, (2) prevent soil erosion (3) provide pavement for parking lots, dirt and un-improved roads 

Top-Seal White was “BATTLE TESTED” with a daily exposure to the extremes of severe weather conditions and constant convoys of M1-Abram tanks and other heavy armored vehicles at a military installation in Central Texas USA. The pictures on the right show how well Top-Seal White can be expected to perform in extremely challenging environments.


Improvement of a military road

Another comparison

Comparison side-by-side

Applying Terra Pave only requires 3 machines

After being evenly and thoroughly distributed into the soil, and with good compaction, for road-building purposes, Top-Seal White product will begin the process of irreversibly transforming from a liquid to a solid. 

The product continues to interact with the soil as a hardening agent that dramatically increases soil strength and resistance to moisture.


Soil Grader

Water Sprayer

Soil Compactor