Environmentally Friendly and Tested

Terra Pave – patent held by the University of Texas at Austin

Products were invented at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA and manufactured at the University of Texas Technology Commercialized Company Terra Pave International in association with Ecological Estates International.  Beckett Solar Energy is the official marketer of Terra Pave products to the solar industry.

Testing of Terra Pave

The Terra Pave products have been independently tested and honored with the prestigious AMERICAN MADE SOLAR PRIZE ROUND 2 FINALIST award from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy USA).  Samples were analyzed by San Antonio Testing Labs, a NELAP certified lab, following EPA approved test methods. Next level testing has already begun at the globally-recognized SANDIA National Laboratory, USA Department of Energy.

Environmentally friendly

Product testing, done by San Antonio Testing labs shows that it has no detectable concentrations of volatile, semi-volatile, heavy metals or petroleum hydrocarbons. 

Clearly advantageous for human health and the environment.

Terra Pave is:

•       Non-Hazardous

•       Non-Petroleum based

•       Non-Toxic

•       Non-Corrosive

•       Waterproof

•       Erosion Resistance