Intro to Octillion: Key Facts

Octillion Power Systems is a Tier 1 supplier of electric vehicle battery systems focused on designing and building lithium-ion battery systems for electric cars, trucks and buses. Octillion is now entering the solar market place with storage products that can offer support at the residential, C&I and grid operational levels.

Octillion has delivered more than 400,000 electric vehicle batteries for the global market with more than 4 billion kilometers driven on its battery pack systems.

Key Facts & Core Strengths:

  • Octillion provides different cell options that result in tremendous independence to their customer.
  • Octillion process starts from cell -> Modules (Number of cells grouped here to match the system needs) -> Pack
  • In house assembly: Most of Octillion components are designed by in-house engineers and parts get manufactured by partnered vendors.
  • Octillion makes generalized common modules tested and certified in one phase. Same modules can be used for other projects which helps with reduced lead time in R&D, testing and tooling.
  • Speed to market.
  • Experience in obtaining UL and UN certification, helping Octillion customers to get their solutions certified faster than the competition.
  • Different manufacturing locations, providing our customers the chance to select the country and the materials to be manufactured for specific projects.
  • Local engineering support in USA.  Different languages offered.
  • Octillion provides customized solutions, but mass produced.

By 2030 battery storage will be 10x its 2021 size
Octillion has:

  • 11 years in business (born in the Silicon Valley)
  •  A solid base–$200 million annual revenue
  • Ironically, this California company is running the 2nd largest automotive battery making facility in all of China 
  • Over 300 engineers on-staff in India, USA, South America and Europe