Terra Pave Benefits to Solar Farms

1)  Highly improved ground albedo for bifacial panels.

Terra Pave Top-seal Albedo product is engineered to fall into the range of 0.8 and above albedo.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is currently testing Terra Pave Top-seal Albedo over a period of 6 months to provide long-range data for Terra Pave.

2) Prohibit vegetation for 25 years.
Then, at the end of your solar plant’s life, you can easily reclaim the land by “crunching” Terra Pave, turning it back into the dirt it once was, if desired.
  • Because Terra Pave will block vegetation growth where it is applied: possible savings in maintenance costs might result.
  • Because Terra Pave might reduce Shading Loss: possible increase in power generation might result.
3)  Asphalt roads are not eco-friendly; their construction comes with the generation of toxic fumes and high costs.  
Dirt access roads are a big hindrance to productivity–they are frequently too wet or too dusty. We’ll need to know “how muddy” your location is because Terra Pave cannot be applied directly on top of mud.
Terra Pave enables the creation of inexpensive eco-friendly paved access roads to reach your solar farm.

If the area you wish to pave is chronically muddy, the land needs to be drained or you need to bring in enough base material so that the Terra Pave application is situated above the formerly muddy area. Terra Pave engineers will tell you the exact kind of base material that needs to be delivered to the site.