Introduction to Solar Farms

Top-Seal White and Top-Seal Albedo products are liquid soil stabilizers that permanently bind and transform the ground into a concrete-pavement-like-layer.

When sprayed on prepared soil, TSW and TS Albedo change the color of the ground; white paint is shown to have an albedo of 0.8.² White roofing foil has been shown to have an albedo greater than 0.8. Terra Pave Top-seal Albedo product is engineered to fall into this range of albedo. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is currently testing Terra Pave Top-seal Albedo over a period of 6 months to provide long-range data for Terra Pave.

TSW and TS Albedo are proprietary polymer-based emulsions that use water dilutions for the application process. The polymers are non-petroleum-based, (based instead on alternative hydrocarbon sources) durable and eco-friendly products, evaporating only water during the curing process and emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They do not contain solvents or cause damage to equipment, roads or vehicles. 

Fundamentally, Terra Pave represents a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. 

We tend to take pavement for granted—we walk and drive on it.  But Terra Pave, under development for years and years, is like no pavement yet known. 

Top Seal White Albedo achieves the albedo of snow, and as such, opens a significant opportunity to power generators with bifacial panels.