What connectors are used?  Mostly Amphenol connectors – both High volt and Low volt

  •  What is chemistry of cell?  Octillion uses different Lithium-ion cell chemistries such as LFP, NMC, NCA, LTO. They recommend LFP cell chemistry for ESS systems.
  • Can Octillion provide a solution for all sizes of projects? Octillion is focused on container projects – 2 to 10 MW, however, Octillion can participate in larger projects up to 500 MW.
  • Can Octillion provide a specific system configuration? Yes, Octillion can change the specifications of the technology upon customer request. Octillion can create a custom-made product for each of their customers.
  • Does Octillion have international customers? Yes, Octillion has worked in the past 10 years with different brands like GM/WULING, VW/JAC, TATA MOTORS, among others.
  • What is the regular project cycle for a battery storage project with Octillion? Octillion is one of the fastest in the industry, and the cycle is regularly the following: 
    4 months to prototype.
    4 months for certification.
    4 months for tooling.
    Total of 12 months*
    *May vary depending on the project.