INTRODUCING TERRA PAVE – an eco-friendly permanent soil binder

Terra Pave transforms the ground into a concrete-like structure.

Terra Pave’s TSW provides a permanent white color.

TerraPave can reduce costs for solar farms in Dust/Vegetation control and reduce O&M costs: 20% decrease in Shade & Dust loss AND 10% decrease in O&M costs

TerraPave can greatly increase efficiency of bifacial solar farms by creating a surface that is consistently and highly reflective, therefore: high albedo – a 10% increase in annual revenue

TerraPave can shorten the depth of pile-driving for the mounting structure of the solar modules and lessen the use of steel – a 20% decrease in mounting structure installation cost

TerraPave enables easy financial modeling, accurate engineering design and accurate prediction for bifacial panels!

TerraPave enables the creation of cheap eco-friendly roads!

Terra Pave Products are invented at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA and manufactured at the University of Texas Technology Commercialized Company Terra Pave International.  Terra Pave is the WINNER of the AMERICAN-MADE SOLAR PRIZE ROUND 2 SEMIFINALIST from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy USA).  Beckett Solar Energy is an official and enthusiastic marketer of Terra Pave products.

Now, you can solve the albedo problem, decrease costs and increase profitability! 

Soiled solar panels decrease revenue (5%-50% reduced output of the system) and increase O&M costs.
Vegetation/Tall weeds can create shading and reduce system production, can also cause hot spots that destroy panels. The efficiency of bifacial solar panels is highly dependent on the albedo of the ground; natural ground has low albedo.

  •  Because of that, it is hard for developers to create accurate revenue models. Asphalt roads are not eco-friendly and their construction comes with the generation of toxic fumes and high costs.