Marketing RenewSys India, Octillion, Terra Pave and other fine manufacturers


RenewSys is the first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components – Encapsulants, Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells.

  • Encapsulants EVA and POE (1.8 GW annual yield)
  • Backsheets and bus bar insulation (3 GW annual yield)
  • Solar multi cells (130 MW annual yield)
  • 40Wp to 410Wp Poly and Mono solar panels (750 MW annual yield)  MORE INFO


Octillion Power Systems is a Tier 1 supplier of electric vehicle battery systems focused on designing and building lithium-ion battery systems for electric cars, trucks and buses. Octillion is now entering the solar market place with storage products that can offer support at the residential, C&I and grid operational levels.   MORE INFO

Terra Pave

The University of Texas in Austin, Texas holds the patent for Terra Pave. Beckett Solar Energy is the official sales and marketing team for Terra Pave in the solar industry.

  • Terra Pave solves the bifacial albedo problem by helping you fully realize the bifacial gain of your bifacial panels 
  • Terra Pave helps you accurately model bifacial electricity output because you can depend upon its presence for 25+ years 
  • Terra Pave helps a bifacial solar power generating plant prohibit vegetation without hurting the environment   MORE INFO

Beckett Solar Energy customer support is active in Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, South America and Asia.